Reviews underway and planned

I am pleased to note that of the reviews I indicated were underway in my report last year, all were completed, though the results of the comprehensive study of CSEC's information technology security activities will be submitted to the Minister early in the next reporting year. In addition, the examination of certain common practices of CSEC related to its mandated activities, has been split into several reviews to permit more detailed examination. The first of these, on disclosure of information about Canadians, was completed and submitted to the Minister in this reporting year.

Other reviews that are underway or planned for the next reporting year include: CSEC's foreign intelligence sharing with international partners; activities conducted under foreign intelligence ministerial authorizations; activities conducted under IT security ministerial authorizations; the process by which CSEC determines that targets of foreign intelligence interest are indeed foreign entities located outside Canada, as required by law; and CSEC's assistance (under part (c) of its mandate) to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service under section 16 of the CSIS Act.

Some of these reviews may carry over into the 2010–2011 reporting year. There may also be a certain area or activity that, as a result of various factors, I determine to be a priority, resulting in it being reviewed sooner rather than later. This situation is part of the ongoing process of assessing where risks to lawful compliance or privacy are greatest.

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