Work Plan — Reviews Under Way and Planned

The results of several reviews currently underway are expected to be reported to the Minister of National Defence in the coming year and will be included in my 2012–2013 annual report.

The subjects of these reviews include: CSEC's foreign signals intelligence sharing with international partners; assistance to CSIS under CSEC's mandate to provide support to federal law enforcement and security agencies and sections 12 and 21 of the CSIS Act; and CSEC IT security activities conducted in support of Government of Canada departments' authorities under the Criminal Code and the Financial Administration Act.

Other reviews planned for 2012–2013, which may carry over to the next year,  include reviews of: CSEC's Office of Counter-Terrorism and its activities and interactions with CSIS; particular signals intelligence collection activities conducted under ministerial authorizations; IT security activities conducted under ministerial authorizations; and CSEC's management control framework and compliance monitoring activities.

In addition, I will continue the annual reviews of foreign signals intelligence ministerial authorizations, CSEC disclosures of Canadian Identity Information to government clients, and privacy incidents identified by CSEC and the measures subsequently taken by CSEC to address them.

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