Overview of 2011–2012 Findings

During the 2011–2012 reporting year, I submitted seven reports to the Minister of National Defence on my review of CSEC activities.

These reviews were conducted under two areas of my mandate:

The results

Each year I provide a statement on my findings about the lawfulness of CSEC's activities in general. Overall, I am able to report that the activities of CSEC examined this year complied with the law. I made no recommendations this year. However, I made a number of suggestions to improve certain policies and practices the application of which I will be monitoring.

In some ways, it was a frustrating year due to delays in being able to proceed with some reviews. CSEC did not provide the same level of support to my office for these reviews, resulting in excessive delays. It has committed to correcting this situation. Ministerial direction requires the Chief of CSEC to support the Commissioner's reviews.

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