As I explained in my last report, I am precluded from reviewing CSE-related matters for which other avenues of redress are established by statute. Moreover, my review is confined to those issues that relate to CSE's mandate. Furthermore, and as I stated at the time of my appointment, I will not review incidents that occurred before my appointment.

I also referred, in my last report, to a limitation in my mandate regarding complaints. While I can review allegations about certain of CSE's activities, I am unable to follow up with individual complainants to tell them about my examination of their allegations and my findings.

This situation remains unchanged today. As a result, I must once again ask those concerned to derive some comfort from the general assurances I have provided elsewhere in this report on the lawfulness of CSE's activities.

It is clear that this is not a satisfactory situation. Individuals who are concerned about the activities of an agency of government ought to have recourse to an independent office where their complaints can be heard and examined.

I am optimistic, however, that this matter will be resolved in the near future, and hopefully before my next report.

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