Communications Security
Establishment Commissioner

The Honourable Claude Bisson, O.C.

Commissaire du Centre de la
sécurité des télécommunications

L'honorable Claude Bisson, O.C.

May 1998

The Honourable Art C. Eggleton, P.C.
Minister of National Defence
MGen G.R. Pearkes Building, 13th Floor
101 Colonel By Drive, North Tower
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Mr. Eggleton:

Pursuant to paragraph (b) of Order in Council P.C. 1996-899 appointing me Communications Security Establishment Commissioner, I am pleased to submit to you my second annual report on my activities and findings from April 1, 1997 to March 31, 1998, for your submission to Parliament.

Yours sincerely,
Claude Bisson

P.O. Box/C.P. 1984, Station "B"/Succursale « B »
Ottawa, Canada
K1P 5R5
(613) 992-3044 Fax (613) 992-4096

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