DRR 2017–18 Green Procurement (Target 7.2)

Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

1. Context for the Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

Although the Office of the Communications Security Establishment Commissioner (OCSEC) is not bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act and is not required to develop a full departmental sustainable development strategy, OCSEC adheres to the principles of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) by implementing the Policy on Green Procurement. 

The Policy on Green Procurement supports the Government of Canada's effort to promote environmental stewardship. In keeping with the objectives of the policy, OCSEC supports sustainable development by integrating environmental performance considerations into the procurement decision‑making process through the actions and performance described in the “FSDS goal: low-carbon government” table in section 2, below.

2. Departmental performance by FSDS goal

The following table provides performance information on departmental actions in support of the FSDS goal: low-carbon government.

 FSDS goal: low-carbon government

FSDS target(s)

FSDS contributing action(s)

Corresponding departmental action(s)

Support for UN Sustainable Development Goal target*

Starting point(s), target(s) and performance indicator(s) for departmental actions

Results achieved

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from federal government buildings and fleets by 40% below 2005 levels by 2030, with an aspiration to achieve it by 2025

Improve the energy efficiency of our buildings/operations

Not applicable

Not applicable

Not applicable

Not applicable

Modernize our fleet

Not applicable

Not applicable

Not applicable

Not applicable

Support the transition to a low-carbon economy through green procurement

  • Use established procurement tools which include criteria to reduce the environmental impact associated with the production, acquisition, use and/or disposal of supplies.




All Standing offers used included criteria to reduce environmental impact.

  • Ensure that decision‑makers have the necessary training and awareness to support green procurement



Decision-makers completed the necessary training.

* This new element shows how departments are contributing to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets.

This column is new.

3. Report on integrating sustainable development

During the 2017–18 reporting cycle, the Office of the Communications Security Establishment Commissioner had no proposals that required a Strategic Environmental Assessment and no public statements were produced.

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