Budget and Staff

My annual budget allocation remained unchanged at $500,000 for the 1997/98 fiscal year. I am able to report that during my office's second year of operation, I discharged my mandated activities within budget.

I have a full-time working staff of two as well as a complement of people on contract who bring many years of experience in a variety of fields related to the work of my office. Some of my staff are well versed in the workings of Canada's security and intelligence community; others have special expertise in research, policy development, writing, editing and communications. More recently, I have engaged an adviser on high technology.

The year 1997/98 was my Office's first full year of operations, and it was filled with challenges and opportunities. I am satisfied with the structure and operation of my Office, and I believe that I have both the resources I need and the access to CSE that I require to discharge my responsibilities in the year ahead.

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