Legislation for CSE

In my last report, I indicated that there was support in a number of circles for enabling legislation for cse, and this continues to be the case. I also identified several policy issues that I thought should be studied or revisited prior to drafting, including the scope and structure of a legislative framework, control and accountability issues, and the scope and structure of enshrined review mechanisms.

During the past year, I have observed a great deal of hard work to grapple with fundamental issues affecting CSE and its place in government. Moreover, I have noted increased efforts toward greater openness on matters related to CSE. I applaud these initiatives because they help build public confidence in an agency that makes an important, if secret, contribution to the government's priorities and to Canada's security and defence interests.

Drafting legislation for CSE will be a challenge that should not be underestimated, in view of the rapid pace of change in the worlds of security and intelligence and technology. I anticipate animated debates on the topic.

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